Bulilit Kitchen

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We Deliver Happiness

Bulilit Kitchen was a product of the an idea during the quarantine lockdown, most of us are staying at home and can’t easily go out and buy the food we’ve come to know and love as a mid-afternoon snack and at times, dinner. Starting from humble beginnings with the focus of traditional ihaw-ihaw Filipino street food, Bulilit Kitchen has now expanded to bringing meat and seafood dishes as well as baked goods to support and collaborate with talented chefs and individuals in the food business to not only deliver happiness to the doorsteps of our customers, but also to give our customers a chance to widen their taste buds and explore new dishes.

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About the Brand

Delivering Happiness.

Bulilit Kitchen is the pandemic brand of @accesstravel. The idea for this business parked during the quarantine lockdown from Angely Dub. Food culture is something that will always be in all of our DNAs as filipinos and it is one of the simple joys in life to snack on our favorite mid-day.